"Kristen's coaching has been instrumental for me during the early stages of my sales and business career.  Through working with Kristen, I have improved my strategic communication skills, which has led to stronger customer relationships. She has also been formative in the development of my business acumen. I consider Kristen a supportive and trusted mentor whose guidance leads to actions which lead to results. In my first year of working with Kristen, I increased sales by 34%."

Christine Simpson, Sales Representative, Ohio Laser

"I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to report to Kristen. She’s become a trusted mentor and proved to be instrumental in preparing me for a sales leadership role within my current company. A master strategist, she possesses the uncommon ability to always be thinking ‘biggest picture possible’, and has an incredible track record of success in this industry. She brings a great deal of value in her coaching and I’m certain that her clients will benefit tremendously!"

BRIAN OLINGER, Executive Director of Partnerships, Knewton

"For over a decade I witnessed, first hand, how to successfully build and lead a team.  Learning from Kristen allowed me to achieve much success in my own career. Her leadership, teaching and sales skills are second to none. I would be lucky to own a company which could utilize her expertise."

David Kurzawa, Senior Sales Representative, Pearson Education

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Kristen personally and professionally for over 20 years. Her authenticity, candor, work ethic and strategic ability have enabled her to build many award-winning sales teams and guide many people as they have advanced in their careers. Any individual or organization who chooses to work with Kristen Schmitt will benefit tremendously."


"Kristen is a consistently top performing sales leader. Her ability to develop and execute on sales strategy combined with her knack for attracting and retaining top talent has made her one of the best in her field. As a leader and mentor she is able to listen carefully, coach through difficult topics, and determine appropriate calls to action."

Ryan Mchenry, Senior sales representative, pearson education

"Kristen is an amazing leader and a gifted manager. As a former direct report, she taught me all of the fundamentals I needed to build a successful career. She understands how to get the best out of people and get results. Working with Kristen inspired me to also become a manager, and I have since built my own top performing team."