Every organization faces its own set of sales and leadership challenges. I customize my approach to the goals and needs of the organization. Together, we get things done.

Create a Formal Sales Process – I will partner with you to build a structured sales process, guiding you through the stages of discovery, establishment, optimization, measurement, and sustainment.


Optimize Your Sales Function – To help you achieve your desired results, I will evaluate your talent, process, training, leadership, and culture to identify opportunities for improvement. Following this assessment, I will create a formal strategy, with milestones, for you to implement, in partnership with me or on your own.

Solve Specific Sales Problems – I will collaborate with you to find the right solutions and the best way to implement it, based upon your specific sales challenges.


  • Kristen's consulting has been of tremendous benefit to Dismas Distribution Services. She has been a tremendous asset to our sales function and has implemented a very effective sales process for our team. She is very strategic, detail-oriented, and she sets clear expectations and goals. Kristen has also played an instrumental role in our strategic planning process for this year. With her direction, our strategic planning has tied sales, finance, and production together seamlessly. In 2019, our sales are up 50% over last year.
  • Kristen is fantastic to work with and really knows her stuff! When I first engaged with Kristen, my business had been growing through existing customer referrals and I really had no concept of sales as a process. Kristen's guidance enabled me to be much more strategic about prospecting, qualifying, and closing business. During the first couple of meetings, we dove into the sales basics, configured my CRM, and set sales-specific goals. We are now growing through multiple channels and are expanding our support staff. We doubled our sales volume in 2018. None of this growth would've been possible without the training that Kristen provided. Kristen quickly and easily assesses the sales function and begins suggesting practical solutions to take the business to the next level. She was well worth the investment and I highly recommend her!
  • Kristen's consultation with us has had a marked impact on our franchising sales activities. She opened our eyes to deficiencies in our process that went well beyond what someone might deem as 'sales.' It was truly a holistic approach to sales improvement and we're definitely reaping the benefits.