Your Symphony

“The conductor must not only make his orchestra play. He must make them want to play. He must exalt them. Lift them. Start their adrenaline pouring. It is not so much imposing his will on them like a dictator. It is more like projecting his feelings around them…it doesn't really matter how well you move with your hands. It should be in your face. It should be in your expression.” — Leonard Bernstein

Two very similar sentences. Two very different meanings.

The conductor must make his orchestra play.

The conduct must make his orchestra want to play.

The first is a directive. The second facilitates greatness.

As leaders, we need to hold ourselves to the same standard. Any manager can force people to do the work. However, when we celebrate our teams and appreciate them, great things will happen.

“Exalt them.” Hold them in very high regard. Recognize and acknowledge good work. When improvement is needed, coach with enthusiasm and optimism.

“Lift them.” Raise them to a higher position or level. Be authentic. Care more. Create a connection to your values, your mission, and your vision.

Consider the utter joy and appreciation that Bernstein exudes as he conducts his orchestra using only facial expressions.

We exalt and lift those around us because of who we are as leaders. It is not about what we tell people to do and not to do. When we lead as the best version of ourselves, we create our symphony.