Leading: Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul

We all want to hire the best people and build a better company. To attract and retain top talent, it is imperative that we cultivate an environment where our people have the tools to do their jobs effectively and the motivation to do so. This will ensure a positive culture, but is no simple task. It is a mission that requires us to bring our best selves to the show.

To lead at our highest potential, we must intentionally care for our bodies, our emotional well-being, our minds, and our spirits. 

Body—We gain strength and stamina by taking care of ourselves physically, which expands our capacity to work. Eat right. Exercise. Get enough sleep. 

Heart—To get the best from others, we must communicate effectively. As leaders, we are on a stage. We need to “respond” rather than “react,” and keep our cool, even when we want to blow. We gain interpersonal effectiveness, empathy, and self-regulation from taking care of ourselves emotionally. Disconnect from work. Laugh. Practice gratitude.

Mind—When we take care of our minds, we are more focused and much better at problem-solving. Plan and manage our time. Take mental breaks (even for five minutes). Minimize multi-tasking.

Soul—We are at our best when we feel connected to a purpose greater than self-interest. In so doing, we increase our effectiveness at work and our motivation level is high. Journal. Meditate. Stop and take a breath. Find the practice that works best for you. 

When we manage these four dimensions of our being, we lead with greater intention and have a meaningful impact on those around us. We create a thriving environment, and the results are profound.

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