Hiring in Sales? First, Some Dos and Don'ts


Looking to hire a salesperson or sales team to grow your business?


Hiring the right salesperson, even for the experienced hiring manager, can be tricky. After all, salespeople SELL….so it stands to reason that they should be pretty darned good at selling themselves.

When interviewing a candidate for a sales role, consider the following “Dos and Don’ts”:

DO ask questions about the following:

1.       Drive/Motivation—why does s/he get out of bed in the morning? Does s/he exude energy? How does s/he set goals and plan to achieve them? Consider using a high-quality assessment tool to measure drive and motivation.

2.       Work Ethic—does s/he do whatever it takes to get the job done, or do they take the easy road? Most candidates will tell you that they have what it takes to get the job done. Probe about difficult experiences and how they handle adversity.

3.       Curiosity—the easiest way to evaluate this is the caliber of the questions s/he asks YOU about the role and the company. If s/he does not ask thoughtful questions, s/he will not do so with a potential customer.  

DO ask about track record. Dig in. Check for missing data. If the performance includes a downturn, is there a solid explanation? How did s/he perform compared to peers?

DO ask for specifics and examples in every question. “Tell me about a time when….” is a great way to frame each question.

For example, use “tell me about your greatest sales achievement and what you did to secure the business,” instead of “why are you successful in sales?”

Listen for specificity and for “I” rather than “we” in the response.  If you hear “we” follow with “tell me about your individual contribution.”


DON’T gloss over the tough questions (or worse yet, hire) just because the person is “likable.”

DON’T rush the process because you want to get somebody in place. Hiring the wrong person is NEVER better than hiring no one. If you find yourself thinking “s/he will probably be fine,” it is not the right hire.


DON’T forget to ask for references. By all means, call each source!  Does a former boss give a glowing testimonial? Awesome! Conversely, if the reference is vague, or if the person does not call you back, it is a bad sign.

Consider asking for references from their two most recent employers. Be sure to speak directly with their direct supervisor.

Finally, DON’T hire unless the candidate asks for the job, or closes you. If he/she does not ask for the job, s/he will not ask a potential customer for the business.

Making the wrong hire is costly. Consider the time lost in onboarding, training, recruiting, morale, etc. This can cost up to three times the annual salary.

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If you would like professional support in getting your salesperson off to a fast and $$$ start, give me a shout!

Good luck!