Let's get started!

Welcome to 2017 and to THRIVE!

When I think of my reasons for embarking on this new adventure, I think of the parts that I have loved about being a sales leader: the coaching, the team-building, the clearing away of the barriers to success and the helping people build the bridges to get there. Now, I’m creating the reality where I get to do all of the things that I love. ALL. DAY. LONG. Through that I THRIVE.

Over the past two decades, I was lucky enough to acquire several “top performer” and “manager of the year” awards. The recognition was awesome, of course, but not nearly as rewarding as the thrill of seeing my entire team walk across the stage after achieving THEIR goals. That’s how I’m wired and how I lead. My driving force is my work with the customer, the sales rep, or the team, to reach THEIR individual goals, and ultimately, create the reality where they could flourish. I am successful only if those who I serve achieve success, however that might look. And that’s what we’re going to do at Thrive to Lead.  I want to take what I have learned from many wonderful teachers, as well my successes and mistakes in building sales teams over the years. I will bring that knowledge, experience and passion to sales teams and leaders. We will set the goals, execute, and create a reality where those who I serve will THRIVE. Let’s get started!